Elcam is excited to introduce the company's core value chosen for this quarter – Growth. See how our commitment to Growth is expressed in Elcam's latest activities – investments and new business partners, new facilities and new personnel. Not forgetting Covid updates in hope of making it the last one.
Elcam is excited to introduce the company's core value chosen for this quarter – Growth. See how our commitment to Growth is expressed in Elcam's latest activities – investments and new business partners, new facilities and new personnel. Not forgetting Covid updates in hope of making it the last one.
Growth at Elcam
Elcam’s core values are Care, Consistency, Quality and Growth. Each quarterly newsletter during 2021 will focus on one company value and show how it is implemented and expressed within the organization. The chosen value for this newsletter is Growth.

Growth as an Elcam core value means always striving to do more and better. It means encouraging continuous improvement and learning for personal growth and business growth. It means being bold and innovative in new products, services and solutions. It means focusing on our success and that of our shareholders, customers and partners - so we can grow and prosper together.

Guli Kohn, Elcam’s CEO shared: "Growth for me is the value which all our other values are meant to support. Growth is a constant aspiration to do better, consistent encouragement for improvement and learning at both the personal and business levels”

In this newsletter we will focus on how the value of growth is expressed in Elcam’s activities
Growth through investments and partnerships
Elcam has recently partnered with two promising Israeli start-ups that are developing innovative devices. Both partnerships include investment as well as the manufacturing of the innovative device or part of it.

The TeaRx™ is an innovative diagnostic test for Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) developed by DiagnosTear Ltd. DES is a Multifactorial syndrome that is difficult to diagnose and treat. It is a fairly common problem as 48% of American adults experience related symptoms and 1 of 3 visits to US ophthalmic clinics is related to this syndrome’s symptoms.
Existing solutions are nonspecific and conflicting, measuring only a single parameter from this multifactorial syndrome, while the TeaRx™ provides multiparameter analysis of tear fluid: several tear components analyzed and combined into one result, and also enables identifying response for a specific treatment. Watch the video.

The Sentinel™ developed by Serenno Medical, is a unique digital monitoring device for measuring urine flow, monitoring Intra-Abdominal Pressure (IAP) and early detection of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).
Continuous kidney function assessment allows the early detection of AKI, a common condition in hospitalized patients that significantly increases risk of mortality during and after hospitalization. Urine output (UO) is the best method for monitoring changes in kidney function and it is currently monitored intermittently and manually making acute changes in urine flow difficult to detect. This results in relatively late detection of kidney injury, sometimes after it is impossible to prevent further progression.
The Sentinel™ system promotes early detection of kidney injury, while there is still time to intervene and prevent further damage. It aims to automatically and accurately detect small changes in kidney function, allowing remote detection by the medical staff, reducing both patient and caregiver risk. Read more
Growth through enlarging facilities
New Warehouse in Dalton Israel

Elcam is excited to announce the opening of its new warehouse in the Dalton Industrial Park in Israel. The new warehouse is approximately 21,500 ft2 (2,000 m2), 65 feet (20 m) high and enables storage of 3200 pallets. The extreme height and narrow aisles of the facility mandates the use of a special Turret forklift that enables the forks to move without the entire truck moving. This warehouse that has been operational since March is designed to store all the final goods manufactured in both Israel facilities, keeping stock of raw materials and distribution to all customers. The new logistics center will accommodate the growth of Elcam over the next 10 years.

New Warehouse Under Construction in Carpi Italy

Elcam Italy has recently begun construction of a new warehouse in Carpi site that is scheduled to complete by Q3 2021. The new warehouse will be an automated one operating according to the "goods to man" principle in which the operator will no longer need to move inside the warehouse to pick up the goods but will remain waiting for ordered items to come to him. With this new warehouse, Elcam Italy intends to improve service levels as required by an increasingly competitive and dynamic market that requires reduction in delivery times along with keeping of highest service quality.
Growth through new personnel and new managerial roles
Amir Halperin has recently retired from Elcam after 35 years during which he fulfilled different managerial roles including being Elcam’s CEO for 11 years (1997-2008). In his last role he acted as CCO and managed Elcam’s commercial operations.
Amir plans to continue his activities in the medical device field, venturing new projects that are not related to Elcam.
We would like to thank Amir for his many years of service and significant contribution to the company and wish him great success in his new business endeavors, as well as taking the time for personal fulfillment.

Stepping into Amir’s big shoes, Elcam has 2 long-standing Elcam employees:
Amir Bohadana, former Executive Sales Director, has been promoted to Chief Sales Officer; and Tsachi Shaked, former Managing Director for E3D subsidiary, has been promoted to Chief Business Officer. Tsachi will continue to act as the General Manager of E3D.

Gianluca Mariotti is the new Product Manager for Elcam Medical Italy & Marketing Director for Elcam Europe. Gianluca joined the Elcam family on September 2017, as PMO & Business Development in EMIT.

Gianluca holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnic University of Ancona, Italy. He a has almost 25 years of engineering experience in industries, including 20 years in the medical device industry, involving product design & development, QA and customers support, manufacturing process development, projects and cross-functional teams management. Gianluca’s previous experience includes managerial positions in leading companies such as Manuli Rubber Industries, Finproject, Pall Corp. and Haemonetics.
Gianluca told us: " Throughout my entire career, it has always been important for me to gain professionalism and knowledge as quickly as possible in order to best contribute to the success of the products and companies I have worked with. Today, in my new role, I'm excited to offer my small contribution to Elcam’s success".
COVID-19 Updates
We are happy to inform that Elcam Israel’s facilities have returned to normal, pre-COVID-19 operations, and Elcam Italy’s facilities also intend to resume pre-COVID-19 operations by the end of June.

COVID-19 and its implications are still with us but vaccination efforts around the world spark hope for a gradual beginning of an end to this pandemic.
Elcam’s management continues to encourage its employees from around the world to get their vaccine as soon as possible.

Elcam has been operating at full capacity throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so in the future, in order to keep our promise to supply you with our high quality products as scheduled.
Read our latest COVID-19 update
Keep Safe and healthy,
Igal (Guli) Kohn, CEO and General Manager


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