Elcam is excited to introduce the company's new Vision, Mission and Values and the core value chosen for this quarter – Quality.
See how our commitment to Quality is expressed in Elcam's work processes and new product offerings - like the stopcock with Tube, the results of the annual customer satisfaction survey and even our COVID updates.
Elcam is excited to introduce the company's new Vision, Mission and Values and the core value chosen for this quarter – Quality.
See how our commitment to Quality is expressed in Elcam's work processes and new product offerings - like the stopcock with Tube, the results of the annual customer satisfaction survey and even our COVID updates.
Covid updates
COVID-19 and its pandemic implications are still with us and with it Elcam continues to strive and uphold its promise of supplying you with our high quality products as scheduled. As before, Elcam continues to operate at full capacity and in compliance with the instructions of the health authorities in the countries of operations.

We are happy to report that a large part of our workers have already been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Elcam management is encouraging all its workers around the world to get vaccinated as soon as they can, in hope that this will enable us to return to normal routine in the near future.
Vision, Mission & Values
As part of the 2020 work plans, and the activities commemorating Elcam’s 50th anniversary, Elcam reviewed and updated its Vision, Mission and core company Values. Despite the unexpected challenges that arose with the outbreak of Covid-19, it succeeded in completing a comprehensive, company-wide process, surveying managers and team members from across the organization, in Israel, Italy and the USA, along with interviewing involved shareholders, customers, suppliers, and other partners, and finally defining Elcam's new Vision, Mission and Values.
Guli Kohn, Elcam's CEO shared: "Looking ahead to the coming decade, I think we reached an impressive result that reflects who we are as a company and poses a clear and ambitious direction going forward".

Elcam is proud to share with you the revised Vision, Mission and Values that were chosen and will be implemented in the near future.

Our vision
Better patient care- For everyone, everywhere

Our Mission
To consistently deliver world-class medical devices - smart, safe, simple and reliable.
We do so by partnering with customers and entrepreneurs to develop innovative, high quality and affordable solutions that advance the health and wellbeing of caregivers and patients all over the world.

Our Values
Consistency, Care, Growth and Quality

Each quarterly newsletter during 2021 will focus on one company value and show how it is implemented and expressed in the organization.
Quality at Elcam
The chosen value for this newsletter is Quality.
Quality as an Elcam core value means we at Elcam are committed to excellence and professionalism in everything we do. We adhere to rigorous measures and processes so that our customers and partners can always rely on us to deliver the best quality solutions.

Having zero errors in treating patients should be the overriding objective for quality in the medical device and healthcare industries. Elcam understands the importance of providing our customers with high quality products and constantly strives to build more robust products and processes, aiming to insure product performance as well as the products' safety and effectiveness.

New! Customer QA Unit at Elcam's headquarters. This new unit was established in order to enable us to give reliable and quick responses to our customers' requests and serves as an excellent example for Elcam's continuous efforts to improve its services. The new unit that will be headed by Marta Lino incorporates under its responsibilities QA Customer service (Rima Horshid), Customer Complaints (Maria Temzin), CAPA (Vladimir Olinik), Customer Audits and Customer Quality Agreements.

Marta Lino, that heads the Customer QA Unit, has been part of QA department for the last eight years serving in different rolls including customer complaints and suppliers management. Marta is originally from Galicia, Spain; she studied law and followed her heart to Israel and kibbutz Baram. Marta shared: "Our customers are indispensable to Elcam and we understand the importance of achieving quality service by customer focus. The QA Customer team is motivated to deliver excellent quality service and dedicated to consistently meet our customers quality expectations".

Elcam Italy's Customer Quality unit is structured slightly different but is nonetheless enthusiastic and ready to assist customers with all their QA needs: The Customer Quality team handles customers’ complaints, customers’ requests related to Products and Change notifications. It is headed by the newest member of the team, Raffaele Diodati (joining Elcam in 2020) and Chiara Fanti (joined in 2018) is the Customer quality Specialist. Additionally, Chiara Candini from the QA department that has been with Elcam since 2015, is in charge of CAPA, Quality Agreements with customers, Customers’ product specifications, G-specs and Change Notification Agreements. All related requests are received by a common email address specrequests.emit@elcam-medical.com and handled according to each individual responsibility.
Stopcock with Extension Tube line
Stopcock with extension tube
As part of Elcam's continuous efforts to expand product range to best answer customers' stopcocks needs, Elcam is now offering its stopcocks with a variety of extension tube lines as cost effective sub-assemblies.
Elcam offers the widest variety of tube fitments for bonding, or oversizing, off the shelf or tailor made that together with Elcam's highly automated processes ensure consistent production of high quality products.

Available customization options include different tube lengths and tube diameters, male luer lock connectors and optional connector covers. Elcam's unique Safe2 rotator connector will be available in the future as another optional customization Read more

Bonding of medical components involves thorough understanding in design, material compatibility, performance testing and assembly methods. Tube assembly using solvent bonds for example can be cost effective, but might prove tricky in achieving desired performance. Elcam is happy to furthermore share with you its expertise in solvent bonding processes Read more
Customer satisfaction survey
Despite the obvious difficulties dealing with the global pandemic of the past year, Elcam is excited to share the feedback received from the 2020 customer satisfaction survey that shows a high level of satisfaction from Elcam services and products quality in general, and from the reliability of supplies specifically.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS score) measured annually representing the customers loyalty levels (a positive score is considered good, and an NPS of +50 excellent), substantially improved in 2020 and received the best score we had seen so far. Amir Bohadana, Executive Sales Director, elaborated: "We needed to adapt our processes very quickly to accommodate the new demands that arose with the corona crisis. We were happy to see from the survey results that our efforts have been successful. Nevertheless, we are aware there is always room for improvement and we aim to keep ranking above 50 in the following years as well".

We would like to thank all of you that took the time to answer the questions and help us with Elcam's consistent efforts to improve its services.
Keep Safe and healthy,
Igal (Guli) Kohn, CEO and General Manager

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