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IV Therapy & Anesthesia

Elcam Medical is your source for the widest variety of IV Therapy & Anesthesia devices including our renowned Elcam Stopcocks brand. We can provide you with both differentiating, innovative solutions along with the everyday devices you need for any IV or Anesthesia sets. The Elcam team is leading the effort to maximize patient and caregiver safety through focusing on the details concerning the safety of fluids administration in IV therapy and Anesthesia applications.

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Amongst our Innovative IV Therapy & Anesthesia products:

Marvelous™ (MRVLS)

Elcam's most advanced stopcock.
Specially designed to increase safety and save precious time so essential in critical care teams. The Marvelous benefits include maximizing the barriers for bacteria ingress into the blood stream, and minimizing the likelihood of inadvertent drug residues administration.

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SafePort™ Manifold

Enhances anesthesia administration safety as well as easing and simplifying the anesthesiologists' work during procedures

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Safe2 Rotator Luer Connector

Minimizes accidental disconnections and provides secured connection along the entire treatment to reduce associated risks like blood loss, drug spills, or air ingress.

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