Brand Promise

Elcam Medical delivers not just a product, but a promise: To combine excellence with commitment, to weave together reliability with integrity, and to offer competitive pricing for superior results.

The Elcam corporate values Professionalism, Care, Partnership & Stability were established in a process that encompassed all of our workers, from the production teams to our engineers, sales and marketing representatives to the managerial staff.
We believe these four values truly represent the Elcam spirit.


For us, professionalism means the use of knowledge and quality of execution. It means we will deliver products, support and service in a way that exceeds the industry standards and known practices. It also means that we are committed to continue learning and improving.


Care is a word of relationship and human warmth, it means we are passionate about our customers' success and we will support it through the ultimate customer experience we provide and the extra miles we will go for them.


Our interpretation for partnership is one of sharing: of risks, knowledge and expertise with our customers. It also means, respecting our partners, and their interests.


Stability means for us that we deliver billions of products, defect free, from beginning to end. This is not only related to our products, but also to the long term relationships with our customers.

Best Performance for Your Needs