Patient Monitoring

Our unique Patient Monitoring products are the preferred solutions by industry leaders in this space, providing the enhanced safety required for fluid management during patient monitoring.

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A sample of Elcam’s unique Patient Monitoring products:

Sense-IT™ Transducer (DIPT)

The first and only fully integrated pressure transducer. This integration improves safety and reliability by providing robustness no other transducer can provide, along with space saving and ease of use.

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Marvelous™ (MRVLS)

Minimal Residual Volume Luer Activated Stopcock. Designed for safe and efficient arterial and central venous blood sampling.
Featuring a Luer activated, swabbable sampling port and continuous flushing of the internal valve volume, this solution will give you the differentiating factor needed for pressure monitoring lines.

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Clear-IT™ Closed Blood Sampling System.
Leveraging the Marvelous Stopcock™ to a new dimension, the Clear-IT™ is designed for simplicity, safety, and ease of use. This advanced tool reduces chances of ICU anemia and blood stream infections.

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