Product Entirety

Vast Product Range

Elcam offers the widest range and variety of high quality disposable medical devices for fluid control suitable for your everyday or critical needs.
Supply management has always been a vital aspect of every OEM company activity, a challenge that becomes more complex with the growth of any company. Elcam's expanded portfolio found in our  various divisions – Elcam Devices, Elcam Components, Elcam Stopcocks, and those created through our custom design services constitute a comprehensive solution to support our customers.

Elcam’s OEM leadership position in medical fluid control enables your company to source all your components from only one supplier.  Elcam offers a complete package with components needed to create a wide variety of sets for IV, monitoring, dialysis, nutrition and other applications:

Closed Stopcock
Standard Stopcock
Flush Device
Roller Clamp
Drip Chamber
Universal Spike


Striving for flawless medical devices

Having zero errors in treating patients should be the overriding objective for quality in the medical device and healthcare industries. Elcam understands the importance of providing our customers with high quality products and constantly strives to build more robust products and processes, aiming to insure product performance as well as the products' safety and effectiveness.

Our robust QA and Regulatory system grants confidence in distributing safe and effective devices that meet the regulatory requirements and strictest standards of the medical device industry. Elcam operates incompliance with 21 CFR part 820 and ISO 13485:2016 throughout the products life cycle. Our products are supplied in compliance with international regulatory requirements such as CE Mark for the European market, 510(k) (PMN) clearances for the US market, and similar required approvals in other markets such as the Far East.

Tailor Made Adjustments

Elcam Medical is committed to understanding your unique requirements, applying our 40 years of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities to every project, in order to design, develop and manufacture comprehensive solutions for your customers need.

Our renowned custom designed stopcocks, through specialty stopcocks for laparoscopy and manifolds for oxygenators, up to our integrated pressure transducers constitute just a few examples of Elcam's capabilities to provide tailor made adjustments.

Our customization capabilities and vast product range have made Elcam Medical a preferred supplier for many of the leading medical device manufacturers around the world.

Safety is in the Details

We strive to maximize safety through focusing on improvements of small yet significant needs.
Elcam is leading the effort to improve safety in medical fluid management in acute settings, such as pressure monitoring, IV therapy / drug delivery and dialysis.