What's New at Elcam Medical

September 2021 Newsletter

Elcam's updates

Elcam continues to operate at full capacity and in compliance with the instructions of the health authorities in the countries of operations. Currently we do not foresee any disruption to our operation.

Elcam is investing in Serenno Medical

Elcam is investing 1.5 millionִ$ in Serrenno Medical for development and manufacturing of a unique urine output monitoring device, the Sentinel™. 

Elcam is investing in TeaRx™ by Diagnostear

Elcam is investing 2.85 millionִ$ in DiagnosTear Ltd. for development and manufacturing of an innovative Dry-Eye diagnostic test - TeaRx™ for  Dry Eye disease

Marvelous™ Stopcock helps in reducing bacterial injection in anesthesia - Clinical Study

Prevention of Intravenous Bacterial Injection from Health Care Provider Hands: The Importance of Catheter Design and Handling

The connection you can rely on -Elcam's new Safe2 Rotator

Easy attach- Firm lock- Rotational flexibility_ Easy detach

Joint V&V