Over 30 million patients lives depend on Elcam Medical products every year

Find Out Why

At least 1 in 3 patients in the ICU worldwide use Elcam Medical Stopcocks on any given day

Provide Safety

More than half of the OEM Transducers in the global market are Elcam Transducers

Integration = Robustness

"Great technical depth in the team to react and present solutions."

Intervene with Ease

"Elcam seems to stay ahead of changes"

Dialysis Best Fit
Marvelous™ Stopcock (MRVLS)

Enhancing patient safety with contamination protection

Marvelous™ Stopcock (MRVLS)
Sense-IT™ Transducer

The only fully  integrated pressure transducer – Improving safety and reliability

Sense-IT™ Transducer

Y-PTCA designed for minimizing bleeding, quick and easy operation

Safe2 Rotator™

Designed to reduce disconnections and associated risks like blood loss, drug spills and air ingress.

Safe2 Rotator™

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What's New at Elcam Medical

September 2021 Newsletter

Elcam's updates

Elcam continues to operate at full capacity and in compliance with the instructions of the health authorities in the countries of operations. Currently we do not foresee any disruption to our operation.

Elcam is investing in Serenno Medical

Elcam is investing 1.5 millionִ$ in Serrenno Medical for development and manufacturing of a unique urine output monitoring device, the Sentinel™. 

Elcam is investing in TeaRx™ by Diagnostear

Elcam is investing 2.85 millionִ$ in DiagnosTear Ltd. for development and manufacturing of an innovative Dry-Eye diagnostic test - TeaRx™ for  Dry Eye disease