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A-Tap™ Simplifies Intra-articular Injections by Providing One Device for Aspiration & Injection Contact us

Why Use The A-Tap™ Technique?

procedure time

cuts down the number of steps for practitioners

Enables two procedures
with one needlestick

allows aspiration and injection to be carried out with the same device

needle movement

improves the treatment experience for patients


Supports "Best Practice" recommendations(1), increasing treatment efficacy

(1)OsteoArthritis and Cartilage (2006) 14: Placement of intra-articular injection verified by the backflow technique.

When needle tip position is confirmed by aspiration, treatment efficacy significantly improves

Successful treatment

  • Assists in verifying correct position through aspiration
  • Reduces exposure of hub to air and handling
  • Enables practitioners to be fully engaged and focused on procedures
  • Provides improved workflow and equipment accountability

Failed treatment

20% of injections miss the correct site, failing to deliver medication and failing to provide pain relief.
(ACSM's Sports Medicine:
A Comprehensive Review 2012 I Francis G. O'Connor I pg.126)

See how A-Tap™ is easy to use

Verify toggle position to activate aspiration syringe

Remove needle cap and insert needle into synovial space

Aspirate synovial fluid

Synovial fluid aspiration confirms placement

Toggle switch to activate injection syringe side

Inject medication

What Physicians Say

It makes a cumbersome procedure easier for both the practitioner and the patient.

Dr. Michael Wilmink, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

The A-Tap™ makes the injection procedure cleaner compared to standard care where needle hub is exposed and fluid may leak, especially when switching syringes is common.

Dr. Delwyn Worthington, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Likely to do more aspirations with this device to remove fluid and increase drug concentration, improving efficiency of injection.

Dr. Douglas Hartzler, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

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This device is not FDA cleared or CE approved. It is not available for sale.