Disposable Pressure Transducer

disposable pressure transducerReliable hemodynamic and cardiovascular data is needed to manage critical patients. Pressure transducers continuously relay blood pressure information from a pressure monitoring catheter (arterial line, central venous pressure line, or other pressure monitoring products) to the patient's monitoring system. This is a mission critical application where your product cannot be allowed to fail.

Elcam Medical's Integrated Disposable Pressure Transducer (Sense-IT™ Transducer) is the only fully integrated pressure transducer. This integration assures not only a very high degree of robustness  and reliability , but also ease of use and space saving that are much needed in Intensive Care Units and Operating Rooms. These advantages will provide you the peace of mind and the leading edge you need when sourcing a sensitive device such as Disposable Pressure Transducer.

Elcam Medical’s disposable integrated pressure transducer (DIPT) is intended for pressure monitoring in clinically invasive procedures. As other pressure transducers, Elcam’s DIPT comprises 3 sub-components: a pressure sensor, a flush device and a stopcock. Elcam’s integrated disposable pressure transducer is unique in its unibody design where all 3 subcomponents are molded as a single piece.

These are the advantages of Elcam's Sense-IT™ Integrated Disposable Pressure Transducer


  • Robust structural integrity
  • One of the only disposable pressure transducers assembled in a highly automated assembly process.
  • 100% in-line testing assuring electrical and leakage conditions
  • Air-ingress safety


  • Proven Very low dynamic response

Ease of use

  • Full visibility of the entire flow path
  • Simple and safe priming and debubbling
  • Single hand flush device operation
  • Dual-mode flush device
  • Smaller dimensions

Elcam's disposable integrated pressure transducer is the most common OEM transducer, available in a variety of configurations according to the customers' needs. Available configurations include stopcocks'  handle design , colors and pathways, as well as 2 versions of  flush devices –3ml for general use and 30 ml for pediatric use, and different connector types.

Watch the following video that summarizes all the benefits  of the Sense-IT ™



And this video that further explains how the only unibody transducer improves patients' safety with full visibility of the flow path and safe and easy to use priming and flushing



Elcam medical also provides Disposable Pressure Transducers that have no stopcock or flush device. These reliable and simple to use straight transducers, with Elcam's well-known quality and service are indicated for any pressure monitoring applications where no flushing is required:

  • Intra cranial pressure
  • CathLab
  • Intra- abdominal pressure
  • Intrauterine pressure
  • Urodynamic pressure
  • For further assembly
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