History at a Glance

Founded in 1970 as a mold and tool manufacturer, Elcam Medical is located in Kibbutz Bar Am in Israel. In 1981, Elcam Medical developed its own product line with an emphasis on stopcocks. By the mid-1980s, Elcam Medical was selling medical components to both the US and European markets and in 2001 established Elcam Medical Inc., its US subsidiary currently located  in Hackensack, NJ.

In an effort to continuously broaden our product lines while remaining committed to quality and customer care, Elcam Medical acquired Lucomed SPA, located in Italy, in 2010. Through our acquisitions we are now able to offer our customers an extensive product range, expand our manufacturing capabilities and deliver products for all their flow control needs, with an emphasis on enhancing patient and caregiver safety.

Best Performance for Your Needs