Transducer Protector

Transducer protectorOur comprehensive selection of transducer protectors grant the perfect barrier to contamination deriving from dialysis blood line applications.

A Pressure Transducer Protector (shortly TP) is a filter that is mainly used in hemodialysis blood sets to keep the blood side of the circuit separated from the machine, preventing contamination of the machine by the blood flowing through the plastic blood line. This kind of contamination can prove to be very dangerous  as it may lead to patient cross contamination with blood borne pathogens.

A transducer protector utilizes a hydrophobic membrane, typically  0.2 micron, which serves as a bacterial barrier between the disposable side ( a bloodline set) and a dialyisis machine. It is also sometimes known by its nickname blood catcher –meaning that it allows air to pass while preventing the blood from passing across. Transducer protectors prevent accidental machine contamination while allowing the pressure transducer to read the pressure inside the dialysis blood circuit.

Elcam's Transducer Protectors provide an excellent barrier to any contamination deriving from dialysis blood line applications, preventing blood and dialysate fluid from damaging sensitive transducer monitoring electronic devices.

Elcam Medical offers a comprehensive selection of Transducer Protectors that were designed for simple and easy connection to the hemodialysis machine:


  • FLL/ MLL  tube
  • Slip / MLL
  • FLL/tube slip
  • ML slip / external luer slip
  • ML slip / 5.5mm tube port   tube fitting / soft snap off Female lock
  • tube port / soft snap off Female lock
  • MLL /soft snap off Female lock
  • Double 5.5mm tube port
  • FLL/5.5mm tube port
  • 5.5mm tube port/MLL
  • MLL/ soft snap off Female lock

Elcam's Transducer Protectors are also available as an air vent with dedicated membrane.

In addition they can be used:
- in enteral feeding applications, and in compliance with new specifications  ISO 80369-3.
- In gas respiratory devices , new ISO pending 80369-2.

Elcam's Transducer Protectors are composed of 2 PVC shells which maybe either EtO or Gamma sterilizable,  DEHP or DEHP free, and an ultrasonically welded hydrophobic membrane 0,2 micron W.L. GORE. Our automated assembly technology   performs a 100% in process testing in order to assure membrane integrity and tightness of the ultrasonic welding.


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