Elcam continuously strives to improve product offerings and supporting services. In this edition of our newsletter, we highlight Elcam’s solutions for INTENSIVE CARE & ANESTHESIA, In addition, we will share updates of Elcam's current situation and the results of the recent customer satisfaction survey as well as introduce a new team member.

Elcam Stands Strong– Update #7

We are pleased to confirm that our operations in Israel are continuing at full capacity with no disruptions, adhering to the special routine protocols we have established.

As part of our ongoing commitment to operational excellence and in line with the contingency plan previously communicated, we are now strengthening our strategic measures for the future. This includes moving forward with our plan to add  a new manufacturing facility in Central America to further boost our robust supply chain. By the end of Q2 2024, we will decide on the location and begin work on the production site.

We want to emphasize our continued close collaboration with Israeli officials and defense forces to ensure the ongoing safety and productivity of our Israeli facilities. Thanks to these partnerships, our dedicated employees and our proactive planning, we have successfully maintained uninterrupted production and supply.

Rest assured, Elcam Medical remains steadfast in our dedication to delivering the high-quality products and reliability you have come to expect from us, even in these challenging times

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Intensive care & Anesthesia

As a long-time provider of solutions for intensive care & anesthesia, Elcam is well aware of the importance of high-quality treatment and reliable monitoring in critical care. Professionals in the medical device industry operating in this field require peace of mind when sourcing these devices and a committed partner that understands their needs and problems.

Elcam Medical is your source for the widest variety of Intensive Care & Anesthesia products including our renowned Elcam Stopcocks brand. We partner with our customers to provide high quality, differentiating and innovative solutions along with the everyday devices you need, with special emphasis on maximizing patient and caregiver safety.

Following are a couple of excellent examples from Elcam’s Intensive care & Anesthesia devices


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Patient Monitoring in Intensive care and Anesthesia is a mission critical application in which you cannot allow your product, whether an Arterial Line, Central Venous Pressure line, or other pressure monitoring products, to fail.

The Sense-IT™, Elcam’s Disposable Integrated Pressure Transducer (DIPT) is indicated for pressure sensing during clinically invasive procedures. It is the first and only fully integrated pressure transducer. This integration provides reliability and robustness as no other transducer can provide, along with the space saving and ease of use so much needed in Intensive Care Units and Operating Rooms. As in many of Elcam’s products, the Sense-IT™ (DIPT) is also adaptable in dimensions such as tube fitments and cables connectors, to perfectly meet your requirements.

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The Marvelous™ is the first minimal residual volume luer-activated stopcock that was designed by Elcam to increase patient safety and streamline medical procedures. Its unique inner channel effectively reduces dead space and ensures continual flushing, addressing concerns about contamination risks and catheter-related bloodstream infections (CR-BSI) as well as drug residuals and related adverse events. Marvelous simplifies priming and can improve the efficiency of flushing.




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Elcam’s NIP® needle-free stand-alone connector can help reduce line contamination and enhance patient and caregiver safety. With a swabbable Luer-activated valve that maintains a fully closed connection throughout use, the NIP® is a safer, more reliable option for patients and caregivers. Plus, with confirmed bacterial barrier protection for 11 days – including seven days with lipid solutions – the NIP® is an ideal solution for ICU and anesthesia needs.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Like every year we have sent you Elcam’s annual customer satisfaction survey in December and have recently finished summarizing its results.
We would like to thank all of you that took the time to answer the questions and help us with Elcam’s consistent efforts to improve its services.

We were happy to see that the efforts we have been investing in recent years in improving our on-time delivery and responsiveness time have resulted in customers’ continued satisfaction. We are aware there are areas in which we still need to improve and we intend to do so in 2024

The Net Promoter Score (NPS score) measured annually representing the customers loyalty levels (a positive score is considered good, and an NPS of +50 excellent), improved in 2023 after taking a short plunge in the previous year. Elcam aims to keep scoring above 60 in the following years.


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Team News

Bill Anton is our new Sales & Account manager on the Elcam US Team. Bill joined the Elcam US team in January 2024. He has an extensive background in Sales, Product Management, Professional Education and Executive Account Management.  Most recently he worked for one of Elcam’s larger US customers for 13 years as a Corporate and Government Account Executive covering large systems on the East Coast.  Bill has his Bachelors of Science in Physician Assistant (PA) Studies from Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. He has practiced clinically and spent time working in Emergency Medicine/Trauma Surgery. (Additionally, Bill is a former US Army Combat Medic.) That said, Bill is looking forward to growing Elcam’s market share among the US medical device manufacturers and promoting Elcam’s dynamic new technologies, capabilities, and products.

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Best regards,

    Igal (Guli) Kohn, CEO and General Manager


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