Baram, Israel

Work remotely:


Job Description:

  • Implementation and leadership of quality processes within the E3D projects
  • Leading risk surveys, review, and approval of product development documents/design changes
  • Working with departments in the organization, customers, subcontractors, and suppliers – handling customer complaints, quality agreements, procurement specifications, complaints to suppliers, and more
  • Responsibility for defining the quality assurance requirements in the project and product

Job Requirements 

  • Relevant engineering/academic degree
  • Prior knowledge/experience in a medical device/pharma company
  • Experience in quality assurance
  • High-level proficiency in Office software
  • High-level English (reading, writing, conducting professional conversations)

Personal Characteristics  

  • Ability to work together
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to manage time and tasks independently
  • Attention to detail, punctuality, and order
  • Assertiveness


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