Elcam continuously strives to improve product offerings and support services. In this newsletter edition, we highlight the ELCAM DEVICES sub-brand that is a major part of our business, focus on our latest products and news in this area, and share our vision for digital transformation.

Elcam Devices™

The Elcam Devices product line represents Elcam’s commitment to the OEM market and our obligation to remain innovative and current in providing differentiating solutions for safe and effective flow control needs.

This sub-brand includes 3 main sections of our product lines – Patient Monitoring, Medication Delivery, and Interventional Procedures. Each of these sections includes dedicated devices that were developed to create solutions to real flow control problems with an emphasis on patients’ and care givers’ safety.

The New A-Tap™ for orthopedic procedures, the Y-Click for interventional cardiology procedures, and the Safeport™ manifold for anesthesia and ICU applications are all part of this brand and are excellent examples.

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A-Tap™ – Precision in Intra-articular Injections

Elcam Medical designed the new an innovative A-Tap™ to facilitate intra-articular injections. This medical solution optimizes injection procedures, focusing on reducing procedure time, enhancing accuracy, and minimizing needle movement.

The A-Tap™ enhances treatment precision and efficacy with by confirming needle tip position with aspiration, which supports best practice recommendations.  Enabling two procedures with one needlestick and minimizing needle movement, it can greatly improve both practitioners’ and patients’ treatment experience.

The A-Tap is now CE approved and 510(k) cleared and available for sale


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Y-Click – Hemostatic PTCA Valve

Cathlab procedures require working areas with minimum bleeding. Elcam’s Y-Click connector was designed in collaboration with interventional experts with this need in mind – to provide a hemostatic solution for percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) procedures and other diagnostic and interventional applications.
Its most unique advantages – three working positions, self-closing mechanism and one-handed operation, make the Y-Click connector an easy-to-use hemostatic device that improves physicians’ performances

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Safeport™ Manifold

Induction of anesthesia during operation is involved with enormous responsibility and requires multiple skills and focus. Elcam’s SafePort™ is a unique function manifold with patented dual flow option innovative side-port valves that can simplify the anesthesiologists’ work during procedures.

The SafePort is now available with a new improved design in which the handles are injected using 2C molding technology, guaranteeing improved accuracy and reliability.

SafePort™ is also available as a closed system with integrated Swabbable Luer Activated Valves, for minimizing leakages and exposure to air and contamination

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is all around us affecting many facets of life and business. Elcam is navigating these changes with an ongoing commitment to advancing through digital transformation, aiming to enhance work efficiency, simplify procedures, and boost our competitive edge, all driven by technology.

These are some of the steps Elcam will continue to vigorously promote to achieve this goal:

  • Reducing manual work by means of incorporating automatic procedures and the use of technologies that enable work simplicity and efficiency.
  • Combining data technologies and AI to reach decisions based on accurate and reliable data while maintaining the data and sources transparency and consensus.
  • Introducing reliable, advanced, and automatic systems to improve procedures’ quality and ensure dependable, efficient, and qualitative work.
  • Upgrading capabilities of information retention, knowledge, and employees by investing in technological processes, employee training, and skills adaptation to the new working world.
  • Strengthening the culture of ongoing change and innovation to promote new standpoints and creative solutions.

With these ongoing steps Elcam aims to create an organizational climate that will provide our employees with an advanced and interesting work environment that fosters personal and organizational growth.

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